DIY Desk Decor Ideas

I am into decor big time these days. I have a designated office area at home as well. And I have recently started decorating my desk. DIYs are a great way to decorate. They are very inexpensive and give your room a personal touch. Whatever you create represents the essence of the person that you are. 

I have listed some easy DIY projects you can do to decorate your desk.

Things to do frame

Things you’ll need:

A photo frame

A colored paper of choice



Post-it notes

How to make one:

  1. Take any photo frame you have lying around in the house or you can buy a new one of your choice. 
  2. Print a background or cut from a printed paper of your choice.
  3. Put it where you’d normally put a photo.
  4. Write a title. Here I’ve written: Things to do today. You can personalize this as well, like Shopping list, things to remember, quotes I love.
  5. Now you can stick post-it notes with things that require your attention that day! 

Empty bottles as flower vase

This one is simple. If you have an old bottle and you do not want to part with it. Take the top off carefully and put your favourite flower bunch in it. I’m using my water bottle here. It gives color to the otherwise dull flowers and quirk to the whole look.  

Storage box

For this you’ll need:

An old box (any shape or material of your choice)

A few old magazines




A bowl

A brush

How to make one:

  1. Take your favourite magazine and cut out the pictures and words you like. I’ve used fashion magazines here. 
  2. Glue the pieces you have cut onto your box randomly. Don’t worry if there are overlaps. That is kind of the purpose, to cover the box right?
  3. After this dries, take a bowl and fill it with one part glue and one part water. Mix it and coat your dried box with this.
  4. Let it dry and voila!

I have an old box I prepared a few years back and I couldn’t help but share. This one is still going strong.

Brush lettering quotes

I’m a newbie at lettering but I totally love the idea of calligraphy. One day I’ll get there, but for now I display what I create! I am using a clip-board to display my recent quote. You can print and display the monthly calendar as well.

Hanging Decor string

I’m using this string with photo clips to decorate little cute things like things I am grateful for that day list, a girl power holographic sticker, a bow, my design inspiration paper, a giraffe, a leaf. I change this whenever something new appeals to my eye.

Pen Stand

What you’ll need:

An empty jar (I’m using a froyo jar)

Colored paper




How to make one:

  1. Take an empty jar.
  2. Measure a piece of colored paper.
  3. Cut it and fold it.
  4. Put the paper inside the jar and secure with a tape

Personalize the jar with stickers and confetti.

I have tons of other such easy-peezy ideas. Please comment if you want more!


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