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  • Different hues of friendship

    The world of friendship is full of joy and laughter and jokes and secrets and what not! It takes on a different hue with each friend we make. But some relationships go beyond the usual definition of friendship we all know of. So this time, on Friendship Day, I decided to look at some unique friendships […]

  • How to overcome darkness of the heart

    “Omg itni kaali kaise ho gayi tu?” “Muslimon jaise kapde kyun pehne hain?” “Arre chamar lag raha hai be tu” “Arre bahut aam kha raha hai. Pet kam kar yaar!” Just some of the casual comments we Indians throw at each other from time to time isn’t it? From body shaming to being racist and […]

  • The not-so-humble MOSQUITO

    As I type this, I swat a mosquito away from my arm. By the way, did you know that there is a day for mosquitoes? That’s right, World Mosquito Day falls on August 20 every year. Now, this day is not to celebrate mosquitoes, but to commemorate the day Sir Ronald Ross discovered that female […]


    Why keep resolutions just to New Year? This Independence Day, let us pledge to gift our children a better version of freedom, one that is inclusive and makes this world a better place to live in. What is freedom? This is one question I have tried to find an answer to all my life. And […]


    Courage comes to those who dare to defy the flow of the world and choose an unexplored path. Marriage, for a woman, has traditionally been an institution where it’s hard to think about your own aspirations. But when one is determined to break stereotypes, nothing is impossible. For this week’s Womaniya of the Week series, […]

  • Birth of an IT professional

    It’s been 11 years since my first job and almost a year since I left my first employer. As I look back, I can see how my professional journey actually began on that train I took to join Infosys, Mysore, years back. The first day of college and the day we join the professional world […]

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