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  • Pregnant woman

    IVF: A mother shares her journey

    For some women, getting pregnant can feel like war, and when it’s through the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) method, there are additional battles to fight. Pregnancy brings with itself joy, hope and also pain. The pain is either physical or/and emotional. Just like each body is different, every pregnancy also differs from woman to woman. And […]

  • Pregnancy and the ‘muft ka gyaan’

    “I loved all the gyaan given to me in pregnancy”, said no mother ever! Honestly, when I was pregnant, as much as I loved all the care and attention I was receiving from both my families, I completely detested the constant inflow of advice which was guided my way. Even though I knew even back […]

  • Baby’s Day Out!

    My pregnancy was planned, and I was mentally and physically prepared to be a mother. The double line on the home pregnancy test made us ecstatic! Luckily, I had one of the smoothest pregnancies, with only a few hiccups along the way, the worst being constipation during the first trimester. My preference was for a […]

  • God wrote my birth plan!

    As much as we like to believe that we can control everything that happens to us, the truth is that life can throw us a curve ball anytime. We can plan and try to micro-manage every minute of our lives but, what will happen the very next minute is something that none of us can […]

  • Take this baby out!

    After I had my baby girl, I gained a lot of weight (obvious!) and perspective about myself and life in general. And it all happened, because I decided to hop on this crazy ride called motherhood. Before I got pregnant, I tried to be as open-minded as I could be. I wanted to embark on […]

  • To read or not to read

    In today’s digital age, with hundreds of apps that can track your pregnancy and thousands of books to prepare for the life-changing decision, the more pertinent question is whether to read everything available to us or not. Pregnancy brings with itself a lot of changes in the body and the mind. And if you have […]

  • How to explore your creative side?

    Have you ever wondered why some people are so creative? Are you often stuck in your kids’ project while other moms just create a castle out of nothing? Why is it that during the beginning of a new office project you are not able to suggest ideas for improvement? Remember the scene from the movie […]

  • Defining supermoms

    How does one describe a super mom? In the month that celebrates mothers, I came across something that made me think about the “ordinary” moms in our lives and what makes them super. Two weeks ago, a simple and innocent post on a social media group made me ponder over the moms I consider SUPER […]

  • Let’s talk, Ma

    How working on a blog post for Mother’s Day brought me closer to my mother When I first started working on this blog two weeks back, my aim was to get mothers and daughters talk to each other. Oh yes we talk all the time, but not on the topics I had in mind. To […]

  • Happy mothers make for happy kids

    When I held my daughter for the first time in my arms, the glitter of her eyes was enough to affirm that the joy of motherhood can dim all the other joys of this world. With all the experiences of the past 2.5 years, I feel losing yourself in the motherhood is bound to happen […]

  • When love meets life!!

    A few weeks back, I stumbled upon an Instagram account – @extrachromieveda. After going through various videos and pictures, I was really impressed with Veda’s hard work and dedication. I spoke to her mother, Kavita Bulani who gave me an insight into child adoption, Down’s syndrome and some tips on motherhood. Here is an excerpt […]

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