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  • Shatter the gender mold!

    Did you find adjusting to married life difficult? Did it have to do with the fact that you were expected to be well-trained in household chores from Day 1, but not your husband? My husband and I found it so freaking hard to adjust with each other. We were dating for almost two years before […]


    Marriage is a blending of two souls, but what if both souls belong to you? Someone rightly said that there is nothing more soul-soothing than being your own finest companion. An evolving society brings with it some mind-boggling yet refreshing change of ideas. We bring to you Khushi Shah who believes and follows the ideology […]

  • Women And Financial Independence

    In the present changing scenario, women have carved a niche for themselves in a male-dominated society, and have been able to find financial independence and stability for themselves. With a career of our own, women are able to put forth our thoughts, needs, and ambitions with more conviction as we gain financial independence. For those […]


    Sshhhh!!! Don’t say it aloud. “Log kya kahenge?”, “Kali khil chuki hai”, “Tauba, Tauba”. Does any of this ring a bell? If not let me offer you a better version of this. Something you will easily relate to. Cherry, mudcherry, deflowering, poppy curtain, V-card, vajayjay, dewy cherry. If these words send a blood rush to […]

  • How I learnt to live with my illness

    It’s been 10 months now that I am unwell. After 3 sonographies, blood work, and finally a colour Doppler test the root cause was detected inside my body. All my life I had PCOD and I never knew what having a normal menstrual cycle felt like. But this time the results were different because the […]

  • Pre-Wedding Skincare : Top 10 Tips

    The wait is finally over, Panditji has set ‘the date’! You know it’s time for Haldi, Sangeet, Shehnais, Pheras, gorgeous lehengas, abundant jewellery and of course – flawless skin! Friends and family ensure you of taking care of all the wedding preps. But what about your skin? In the midst of all the planning and […]

  • “Marriage” is on the cards

    As love matures and turns into something beautiful, there is a need to make it formal in the society we live in. That’s what most of us believe and follow. When we say society, especially the one we inhabit, marriage is what makes a relationship formal and is defined as “the legally or formally recognized […]

  • A beguiling cultural caravan

    Books are the ultimate solace in an otherwise mundane life. So if you are an avid reader and also secretly wish to be an author soon, here is Anukrti Upadhyay, accomplished author of Bhaunri and Daura giving us some author goals. 1. What inspired you to get into the world of writing? I feel we […]

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