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  • Different hues of friendship

    The world of friendship is full of joy and laughter and jokes and secrets and what not! It takes on a different hue with each friend we make. But some relationships go beyond the usual definition of friendship we all know of. So this time, on Friendship Day, I decided to look at some unique friendships […]

  • How to overcome darkness of the heart

    “Omg itni kaali kaise ho gayi tu?” “Muslimon jaise kapde kyun pehne hain?” “Arre chamar lag raha hai be tu” “Arre bahut aam kha raha hai. Pet kam kar yaar!” Just some of the casual comments we Indians throw at each other from time to time isn’t it? From body shaming to being racist and […]

  • Light on Gaslighting

    Many of us have heard or read the word “gaslighting” somewhere, but not all of us might understand its significance in today’s times. If you Google it, here’s what you will find: *manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Sounds complex? Well, the truth is gaslighting is more common than a common […]

  • What is Veganism or Vegan Food?

    The first thing that people tell me when I say being Vegan is really easy is “Yaar but maine kabhi Vegan Khana nahi khaya hai.” And when they say this, I generally want to ask them “ Kyu tumhare ghar pe chawal, dal, roti nahi banti?” I understand India is known for its food and […]

  • 30 days to be a happier parent

    As true as the above quote may be, I feel it is incomplete. Does the child only change the life of a mother? Doesn’t the father’s life changes equally? Though I am a single mommy, I have witnessed some amazing fathers taking charge of not only the house but also their kids and being equally […]


    In a world going gaga over food, we rarely take a good look at ourselves. With festivities around the corner, we take our health for a ride. But they say it is all in the head, right? So, if you also believe in the power of the mind, hop aboard our fitness wagon as we […]

  • Banana bread sliced with a teapot and teacup in the background

    Festive Dessert: Banana Bread (Gluten free/Vegan)

    For our fourth recipe in the series on festive desserts, we bring to you a gluten-free and vegan recipe for an all-time favorite, banana bread. An indulgent treat, yet healthy too! Banana bread is a cake-like dessert that’s great for tea-time (or anytime you feel like having dessert). Course : Dessert Time : 1 hr […]

  • Festive Dessert: Poached Pears

    The festive season brings with itself so much sweetness in our lives. Like literally. A meal is incomplete without a dessert in most Indian households, especially when the festive season is in full swing! We have invited food bloggers to share their favorite dessert recipes with us this month and here’s the second one in […]

  • Festive Dessert: Sabudana Kheer

    This festive season, we have invited food bloggers to share their favorite dessert recipes with us, and here’s the first one in the series. Sabudana kheer is a popular Indian pudding made with tapioca pearls or sabudana. This kheer is extremely popular during the fasting season of Navratri in India.  Time : 40 minutes + […]

  • Marriage is not a punishment!

    (Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay) I have always seen some people argue that marriage is the end of life for almost everyone. They give lame reasons on how fun stops the moment you enter matrimony. And how it’s all about compromise and adjustment for the rest of your life while you stay unhappy. To people […]

  • Love marriage

    Love marriage?? No, no… it’s arranged ?

    I’ve found it a bit strange how many people react with a slightly embarrassed smile when I tell them mine is a “love” marriage. Ideally, all marriages should be a result of love, which makes the term “love marriage” odd in itself. However, in our society, parents often take this decision on behalf of their […]

  • Live-in, Love and the Leap of faith

    If I have learnt something about human relationships, it is that they are complex and purely subjective. ‘To each his own’ applies to all human interactions on this planet. Our interactions with other humans can rarely be simple (at least this is what my personal experience tells me).but amidst all the complexities that one deals […]

  • It’s all ’bout money, honey!

    Last Thursday, we talked about women and financial independence. This week let’s talk about how all women, earning or non-earning, can gain awareness of the family finances and empower themselves. Though a woman may not be contributing towards the family income, she should still be aware of, and involved in the family finances. The first step towards […]

  • Staying single, like a boss!

    What does it take for a woman to stay single and stick to it? Does social pressure get the better of her every time? Let’s find out. It can be quite challenging to stick to the ‘single woman’ status in the patriarchal world that we live in. Oh yes, I mean to be a female […]

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