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  • So, You are JUST a Housewife?

    How often have you been questioned about your life choices, especially after becoming a mother? And how many times has that made you question your value as a homemaker? If I had to describe my current job, I don’t know what a fitting description would be. I completed my engineering but chose not to continue […]

  • Pregnancy and the ‘muft ka gyaan’

    “I loved all the gyaan given to me in pregnancy”, said no mother ever! Honestly, when I was pregnant, as much as I loved all the care and attention I was receiving from both my families, I completely detested the constant inflow of advice which was guided my way. Even though I knew even back […]

  • God wrote my birth plan!

    As much as we like to believe that we can control everything that happens to us, the truth is that life can throw us a curve ball anytime. We can plan and try to micro-manage every minute of our lives but, what will happen the very next minute is something that none of us can […]

  • Take this baby out!

    After I had my baby girl, I gained a lot of weight (obvious!) and perspective about myself and life in general. And it all happened, because I decided to hop on this crazy ride called motherhood. Before I got pregnant, I tried to be as open-minded as I could be. I wanted to embark on […]

  • My motherhood journey

    Of all the things that I am grateful for, the biggest has to be my smooth pregnancy. It was a smooth sail with just a minor bump in the last trimester. Even then, with the support of my family and my amazing OB/GYN, I delivered without any major complication. During my pregnancy, I was spoiled […]