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  • Are you being gaslighted?

    As we discussed in our first blog on gaslighting, the technique is more commonly used than we think. It has psychological repercussions that can manifest as mental health issues. Therefore, it is important to identify it at the earliest and take steps to shut it down. Unlike the general assumption, gaslighting can affect anyone and […]

  • Breaking social myths around mental health

    There has been an increase in conversations around mental health in the last few years and yet, society at large still looks at anyone struggling with mental health as “not normal” in India. And if that person is a man, well, a man cannot go through such things, isn’t it? A man is supposed to […]

  • How can I as a layman help someone struggling with mental health

    To be healthy, both mentally and physically, is a prerequisite for a value-creating life. We are fortunate to be living in the 21st century when conversations around mental health have just started to become normal. Unlike our grandparents’ or even parents’ generation, when mental illness meant “crazy” or “abnormal,” we have access to mental health […]

  • Different hues of friendship

    The world of friendship is full of joy and laughter and jokes and secrets and what not! It takes on a different hue with each friend we make. But some relationships go beyond the usual definition of friendship we all know of. So this time, on Friendship Day, I decided to look at some unique friendships […]

  • How to overcome darkness of the heart

    “Omg itni kaali kaise ho gayi tu?” “Muslimon jaise kapde kyun pehne hain?” “Arre chamar lag raha hai be tu” “Arre bahut aam kha raha hai. Pet kam kar yaar!” Just some of the casual comments we Indians throw at each other from time to time isn’t it? From body shaming to being racist and […]

  • Light on Gaslighting Part 1

    Many of us have heard or read the word “gaslighting” somewhere, but not all of us might understand its significance in today’s times. If you Google it, here’s what you will find: *manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Sounds complex? Well, the truth is gaslighting is more common than a common […]

  • Frozen 2 review: Don’t let it go!

    With Frozen 2 fever at its peak, I decided to make it my first movie in a theatre after three long years. That’s a story for another day. So here goes my two cents. Spoiler alert! Powerful message The storyline goes something like… We are all growing a little older and we must confront our […]

  • Staying single, like a boss!

    What does it take for a woman to stay single and stick to it? Does social pressure get the better of her every time? Let’s find out. It can be quite challenging to stick to the ‘single woman’ status in the patriarchal world that we live in. Oh yes, I mean to be a female […]

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