24 thoughts on my 24th birthday

18th May is my birthday. This birthday I want to share with you all a few thoughts that I had and have changed me as a person. Please note – I am not a genius and these are not my original thoughts or concepts. I came across these concepts or philosophies mostly in the past 4-5 years and today when I know I have learned something out of it I feel it might help someone else figure out something in life. 

  1. A friend recently shared this with me when we were talking about her struggle with life. We have 5/6 areas in life  – A personal life which is just about yourself. No one has the permission to invade in your personal space. The family life which is about your parents, siblings, spouse, children and other relatives. Romantic/ Love life which is about you and your partner. The social life which is about your friends and new people you meet. Professional Life which is about the career or job along with finances. If applicable, spiritual life that is about your god/faith. Usually, our approach to a problem is that my life is a mess. But what we tend to forget is… we have 5/6 areas in life and mostly 1/2 are in mess or not going as planned. We still have the other 4-5 areas in our hand but we out of our misjudgment end up ruining or disturbing those areas too.
  2. We can always make more money, but we can never make more time is what I have realized at the age of 24. The next point supports it.
  3. I and my business partner had some goals which we promised to achieve before we turn 25 years. This is my wake up call to take things in my hand and start the action. Promises matter and if I can’t fulfill the promises made to myself, then how can I promise anything to anyone else.
  4. Past is always going to either haunt you or make you realize you were such an ass. It’s better to focus on today and enjoy the little things in life.
  5. Facebook is a trap, for someone like me who is a socially awkward person social media comes to rescue. Writing makes my soul happy than being in front of the camera. And if you have had a chance of exploring a Facebook group or just scroll through the feed you know what the word trap means. I have given up Facebook because it is a complete waste of time for me.
  6. I am finally a graduate now and this was not possible only because of my own hard work. This was possible because of so many people who helped me on the daily basis. Little things that these people did to make sure Ira is well taken care of inside my college premises while I write my exams to giving me time to enjoy my college life.
  7. Cinema is a door to the world of possibilities. With each new film, I watch I come closer to myself.
  8. I came across the word monotasking. You can read my blog post about monotasking here. I still stand by it after all the stress that multitasking brings along. Try it you won’t regret any of it.
  9. Planning and bullet journaling are two terms that got me crazy and turned me into a stationary addict. But I believe in the power of a simple to do list. I cannot function without a to do list and if I do, the day is a total disaster.
  10. Believe is the word that makes sense to me now. I was a fresh graduate with a head full of confusion and personal issues that made my situation more confusing. But out of nowhere, NETFLIX happened and that was the best brand debut any blogger could ever get. I am truly grateful to the universe for making this possible.
  11. Never give up your dreams for anything. I almost gave up blogging for a job that only exploited me as a professional. If not for Ira I still would have quit the job because I never thought I would ignore or almost forget about my blog. This only gave me a lot of anxiety at night. Blogging is a passion that I will never give up or ignore again.
  12. I have tried my hand at many things. But what my soul enjoys is blogging. Having my own place on the Internet which no one can steal from me and share my thoughts and experiences is what excites me. And what gives me satisfaction is when so many people can actually connect with me. So I have finally taken up blogging as a full-time career.
  13. Legal cases are a real struggle. They drain you emotionally, physically and financially. I wish our country had more helpful laws.
  14. It is okay to be called a bitch than to see something wrong happening. Remember, being a bitch in this world is the only way of surviving.
  15. Weight loss or the perfect body is not being healthy. Healthy is eating and living life to nourish your body and mind and not to just lose those inches.
  16. Mommy guilty will always be there. Even if your kids turn 5, 10, 20 or 25! There is always going to be something that you feel guilty for but the question is Will it change anything in your or your child’s life? Hell No! Just get over it and think about 20 things that you are doing right instead of 1 thing that you feel makes you a guilty mom.
  17. Blogging is not about Free stuff or the brands that pay you. It is about building a community that connects with you because of your thoughts and knowledge.
  18. Three things that you should never do in life (I have done them all) – Beg for anyone’s time, beg for anyone’s attention and beg for anyone to stay in your life. It is never worth it. You owe yourself this one chance to respect yourself.
  19. Don’t read parenting blogs where a mom shares that her child did this at this age if you, in the end, you are going to pressurize your child to do a particular activity according to someone else’s capabilities and risk your child’s self-confidence.
  20. Many Indian men have an ego which never really changes. Basically, Indian men don’t change ever.
  21. Listen to all the shitty gossip people talk about you and remember just one thing – it tells more about them as a person than you.
  22. Having a creative block is okay.
  23. Slow living – Live every minute of your life. Get high on life! For every hour, every task, every emotion will be a memory the very next hour and you will not realize when time passed by while you are still earning that money or buying that first home.
  24. This has been my slogan since 2014 now. This one is for all the women who have been molestated, who got divorced, who choose not to marry, who choose to give birth or who choose not to give birth, who were treated just as a pussy, who were told dusky is ugly and much more –

Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.



Written by Miss Harshala

Miss Harshala is a multi passionate soul & founder of A Week In Life Blog & Studio.


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