Flawsome Life is a quirky place where we unlearn some old ideas and learn some new ones and share our journey with YOU.

Our Journey so far...

Flawsome Life started as A Week In Life in 2017, by Miss Harshala to document her journey as a single and homeschooling mother.

In 2019, the A Week In Life family grew larger as women across the globe joined us to share their thoughts and experiences as a woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, working professional and carriers of change while addressing the Millennials.

In 2020, A Week In Life was named Flawsome Life by the women who believe in themselves while accepting and embracing their flaws.

Meet our team

Miss Harshala



Miss Harshala is a 26-year-old unmarried mother born and based in Mumbai, India.

Harshala is a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur and a Film Making graduate.

She believes words can change the world and Flawsome Life was conceived with the goal to reach out to fellow humanitarians and would be humanitarians to create a community that unlearns, relearns, stands up and fights back with the social taboos that exists in our Indian society with words.

She is a homeschool mom & girlboss by the day and a blogging coach, Style blogger & Youtuber by the night.

Editor - In - Chief

Anushka is a 35-year-old writer and mother born and raised in Delhi, India.

A former journalist and a writer, Anushka says motherhood changed her life forever after she battled postpartum depression and started sharing her experiences on social media.

A Buddhist whose idea of feminism is ever evolving, Anushka believes when writing comes from a place of compassion, it always touches hearts.

She has more than 12 years of experience in creating content around variety of subjects such as social and women issues, mental health, school education, book and film reviews, motherhood, travel, lifestyle and food.

With Flawsomelife, she hopes to reach out to those who believe in their own innate power and also the power to transform society’s flaws into something more beautiful and meaningful through the written word.

Anushka Bhartiya